Like many technology companies, we began in our garage. In 2001, while holding full-time careers at Microsoft Corporation and other I.T. companies across the country, we began delivering high quality websites, promoting companies through search engine optimization and online advertising, creating compelling logos and more. At the same time, we saw a need and began refurbishing and selling computers out of our home. We quickly extended our services to provide computer repair and maintenance.  Pretty soon, we outgrew our part-time, home-based business and in May of 2011, we moved into our current brick and mortar retail location at 70 N. Broad in Downtown Winder.

Each individual member of our team brings with them a background of excellence in their particular fields of labor.  Together, we comprise a powerhouse of passionate, customer-focused, and experienced technology professionals.  T3CH WORX brings to every job, repair, project, and design over 52+ years of experience in computer repair, server management, networking, website analytics, software design, project management, and web experience.

We are passionate about technology.

Whether your device is a cellphone or a server, a gaming computer or a tablet, we can make that device work reliably for you and cut through the techno stress which seems to permeate so much of our lives today.