When you change your username password to access your Windows workstation at your office, you must update the password on Remote Desktop when attempting to access your office workstation remotely.

To update your username password to access your computer remotely please do the following:

Step 1: Find the Remote Desktop icon, likely called “Office Workstation” or similar.

Step 2: Right click the icon and click “Edit”

Step 3: On the Remote Desktop Connection window click “edit”

Step 4: A popup window will appear where you can type in your updated password. It’s the same password that you use to log into your workstation at your office. Click OK.

Step 5: Click Save and either click the X in the top right of the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) window or click Connect button on bottom right of RDC.

Step 6: Proceed as normal. Connect to VPN, click the remote desktop icon, etc. You should be able to successfully connect to your workstation.


  • This is not your VPN username and password. This is the username/password. You only need to update the password.
  • Do not change the Computer name or Username, it should already be grayed out.