Windows 7 Support Ends 01/14/2019 – Are YOU Ready?

We must admit, Windows 7 was a good operating system, but all good things must come to an end, especially with technology. Why? Because typically greater things have been created! Windows 10 has been out for several years and has proven to be a great operating system. We encourage all businesses to upgrade to Windows 10 and we can help you do that.

With Windows 7 support ending January 14, 2020, it’s vital that your business upgrade. If you do not upgrade to Windows 10, you will be vulnerable to hackers, ransomware and other malicious threats as Microsoft will no longer provide security patches, bug fixes or monthly updates.

For over two years now we’ve been upgrading business clients to Windows 10 and we’ve had great success at it. It’s time to ditch Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10.

Reach out to our team today and we’ll work with you on upgrading your current computers to Windows 10 or replacing your computers. In some rare instances the hardware inside your computer may not support Windows 10 and vice-versa. In order for Windows 10 to communicate with the hardware inside your computer it depends on what’s known as “drivers” and sometimes hardware manufacturers no longer support outdated hardware and therefore have not released compatible drivers.

Fear not though, regardless of your issue, we have a solution.

While upgrading to Windows 10, you may want to also replace your current hard drive. If your computer has been running Windows 7 for 5+ years, we suggest a new hardware or a blazing fast Solid State Drive. More memory may be a great idea. Windows 10 works best with 8GB of RAM or better. Your programs like QuickBooks and Office 365 will also thank you.

When we review the status of your computers, we’ll put together a list of suggested upgrades and put you on the right path to getting back time in your life. Seriously, clients who’ve implemented our suggested upgrades get time back in their days to focus on other parts of their business. Nobody wants to wait around for programs to load – everyone wants to be done as fast as possible and move on with their day. Upgrading hardware like your CPU, RAM and your hard drive comes highly recommended for slow computers. If your computer simply cannot handle the Windows 10 upgrade, we’ll let you know during our assessment and suggest a new computer or refurbished computer that will meet your needs.

Some of the things that we’ll do with each computer upgrade is:

  • Check all hardware and insure it’s in good standing condition
  • Clean each computer internally and free it is dust buildup and debris
  • Copy your hard drive to a temporary hard drive prior to upgrading
  • Suggest CPU, RAM or HDD to SSD upgrades
  • Upgrade outside of YOUR business hours (we’ll pick up PC’s on a Friday evening and return by Monday morning = no work downtime at your business)
  • Install latest drivers
  • Install latest software
  • Update printer software
  • Install latest Windows 10 updates

Don’t forget that we also provide fully Managed IT Services with flat rate billing. Instead of paying by the hour to upgrade your computers, you can join our awesome Managed IT Services program, pay a flat monthly rate and receive unlimited technical support, help desk support, cybersecurity and hardware upgrades (just pay for the replacement hardware, labor is on us!). We can discuss this in greater detail, typically in person. We’ll schedule a date and time to meet with you and review your infrastructure and put together a management plan for your business.

We’re ready to handle your Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration today.

Call at 678-900-1155 or by emailing us at Include your name, business name, email address and phone number when emailing us. You can also fill out the below form and one of our awesome staff members will reach out to you within a couple hours!

Oh, and don’t forget – WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT ENDS 01/14/2019!

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